Laboratory and school for sculptors in Tuscany

Andrea D’Aurizio offers a unique opportunity for professional artists or amateurs who wish to experience working in a bottega: the chance to work independently under the supervision of well-known sculptors within a multifunctional space equipped and dedicated to sculpture and more…

The Andrea’s Bottega in Pietrasanta is:

  • an ideal showcase for artists;
  • a place to test your skills under the supervision of experienced sculptors;
  • a location for photo shootings.

Among the tools and the materials available: vacuum cleaners, easels, pneumatic and electric tools, marble etc.

Languages spoken: English, French and German.


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Tours of Piazza dei Miracoli (Pisa) with a guide from the co-op “Impegno e Futuro“.

After the visit, students may choose an ornate, an architectural element or a sculpture to reproduce in our laboratory.

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